Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quilt Pattern Variation: Easy Flower Quilt and Quilt Blocks

I played with the blocks in my Linked Stars quilt pattern, which you can find here:

   With just one little change, I came up with an adorable flower quilt block! This is the original block at the right.

    If you alter the 4 corner squares slightly, and use a third color for the center square, it makes a flower.


Highlighted corner squares have been slightly altered.
The center square has only changed color.

To make the 4 corner squares for the original star block you would cut:

Light fabric      1-2.5" x 20" strip

Pink fabric       1-2.5" x 20" strip

Instead, for the flower block cut:

Light fabric      1-2.5" x 18" strip and 1-2.5" x 10" strip

Pink fabric       1-2.5" x 10" strip

Sew together the 10" long pink strip and 10" long light strip then cut apart as you would to make the corner squares. Instead of sewing them together in pairs, cut apart the 18" light fabric strip into 4-4.5" x 2.5" pieces. Sew those pieces together to make the corner squares.

You could make it look even more like a flower if you change the center block to an on point square.

Leave all the squares the same except for the center.
Change the color because flowers come in many different colors!

Instead of cutting 1 yellow 4.5" square, cut:

Yellow      1-3.25" square

Blue          2-2.25" squares

Cut the blue squares in half so that you have four right isosceles triangles. The long side of your triangle should measure just under 3.25". Sew the long sides of the triangles to each side of the square, pressing open after you sew each triangle.

Now for one more step to get a third type of flower. Replace the corner squares with half square triangles (hst).
It reminds me of a purple pansy!

Instead of cutting the strips, cut:

Purple fabric     2-5" squares*

Light fabric       2-5" squares*

*If you like to have room for trimming, cut each square to 5 3/8".

Sew together the squares as you normally would to make hsts.

If you put these blocks into the normal pattern and use white and green fabric for the border pieces you can make a gorgeous flower quilt!

The total pieces you cut for the 4 pink flowers are:

Pink      4-5.5"squares, 8-5"squares, 1-2.5" x 40" strip

White    4-5.5" squares, 2-2.5" x 36" strips, 1-2.5" x 40" strip

Yellow  4-4.5"squares

For the 4 blue flowers:

Blue      4-5.5" squares, 8-5" squares, 8-2.25" squares, 1-2.5" x 40" strip

White    4-5.5" squares, 2-2.5" x 36" strips, 1-2.5" x 40" strip

Yellow  4-3.25" squares

For the 1 purple flower:

Purple   1-5.5" square, 4-5" squares, 2-2.25" squares

White    1-5.5" square, 2-5" squares

Yellow  1-3.25" square

Yardage for the flower quilt:

White fabric: 2 yards

Yellow fabric: 1/4 yard

Pink fabric: 1/2 yard

Blue fabric: 1/2 yard

Purple fabric: 1/4 yard

Green fabric: 2/3 yard

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have a question about how to make the quilt or any of the quilt blocks.

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