Sunday, January 3, 2016

Shattering Stars Quilt Pattern

I have been wanting to make a big star quilt, and I finally got around to it! Originally I had planned on just making one huge star, with borders only on the top and bottom so that the quit would be a rectangle. I started playing with putting two stars together, then I tried adding more half square triangles (HST) onto them.

This quilt features 48 big half square triangles (HST) sewn together to form two stars. With a thin border of dark fabric framing the quilt, and an outer border of lighter fabric, the design really pops. If you can sew together HSTs, you can easily make this twin size quilt. The rectangles of solid white break up the pattern, and give you an opportunity to show of some quilting.

I had some fun with the quilting, too. The HSTs are quilted in a diamond pattern, while the white rectangles have feathers. I put loops in the outer border. Around the entire perimeter of the quilt, inside the two borders, I quilted a scallop stitch. For most quilt borders, free motion quilted loops are my go-to quilting design. They are nice and plain, yet still elegant.

Of course, the borders are optional. Removing the borders would make this quilt just big enough for a lap size. For a larger quilt, you can make the borders bigger. Or add two more stars for a total of 4. The quilting possibilities are endless!

You can download the pattern for this quilt at the end of this post. This quilt comes together fast, and the results are great! Of course, you can alter the pattern to use larger or smaller squares. Imagine a quilt where you doubled the size of the stars on this one! I might need to try that for a square king size quilt, just one ginormous star with intricate quilting...

Thank you for reading, and happy quilting!

Download the pattern here:

Click to download the Shattering Stars PDF quilt pattern

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