Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Free PDF Pattern: Falling Blocks Baby Quilt

You will love to piece together this baby quilt because of its simplicity. The different sized rows offset some of the seams so you only have to worry about matching up a few of them! The pattern uses a tube piecing method, and with the large block size it is a great quilt to help you learn this method. I love quilts that utilize solids, especially when mixed with just the right amount of patterned fabric.

Orange is a color I don't use often enough. I tend to stick to bright reds and blues, or sometimes teal. Using a larger variety of color is something I need to work on. I have made several blue and white quilts, and a few teal quilts, but I have yet to try a quilt featuring a deep, dark green. It feels like with every quilt I create, ideas for at least 3 more quilts pop into my head!

The floral fabric in this quilt is the same as the border fabric in my Cutie Pie Quilt. With the different shades of yellow and orange, I attempted to create an ombre effect.

Having a good white background to color fabric ratio is important in many quilt designs, and this easy to piece pattern achieves that balance.

I used a corn silk colored flannel for the backing. For the binding, I used an ivory solid and machine stitched it down with pale gold thread. The tutorial for the dogwood quilting can be found here.

Thank you all so much for reading the blog! I hope you enjoy the pattern!

What simple quilts have you made? How much or how little color did you include in them? Please post in the comments, I love to hear about your sewing experiences!

This pattern post can also be accessed from the Free PDF Patterns section of the website. Hit the Free PDF Patterns button at the top of the page.

Download the pattern here.

Or, on the top right of the pattern photo, select the "pop-out" button. From that screen, you can select "download".


  1. Am I the only one who can't download this pattern?

    1. Hi, there should be two small buttons in the to right corner. One for zoom, and one that says pop-out when you hover over it. Click the pop-out button, and you should be able to download from that screen. Please let me know if there are any more issues!

  2. This is pretty and I love the quilting! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. This looks like a quick and darling quilt. I've never done tube piecing before but as you say, it's a good skill to learn. I may even attempt your method for dogwood quilting and binding. Thanks for the tips.

    There appears to be an error in step #6. The backing fabric should not need to be 45 x 82 with a quilt finishing at 37.5 x 48.5. A single cut of 1.5 yards should back it nicely.

  4. Hi RB, I'm glad you like the quilt! And thank you for commenting! I would use 1.5 yards to back the quilt also, however, the minimum amount of backing required by professional long arm quilters is at least 4" on all sides. The 41" (WOF) by 54" (LOF, 1.5 yards) piece would only leave about 2 inches on all sides. Because of this, the pattern suggests not to use the WOF for the 37.5" side.


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