Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fabric Bowl Tutorial

This little fabric bowl is a great scrap fabric project. I made mine Halloween themed with purple fabric and orange and green thread.The bowl has no lining, the inside is the same as the outside, and as you can see in the second picture you just trim your seam allowances and press them open. If you make several of these, they work great as little drawer organizers and they are very easy to make. I made a small bowl, and for an even smaller one you can just cut all the measurements in half. I need to make myself a tiny one to hold my many packs of sewing machine needles in my sewing basket.

Here is what you need:

1 10.5" square of fabric for the outside. You can take a solid piece, or you can piece your square together.

1 10.5" square for the inside. You can use the same fabric that you used for the outside like I did.

1 10.5" square of interfacing. For this size or smaller I recommend using the same weight interfacing as you would use for placemats. A larger bowl needs slightly thicker, or you could even add a layer of quilt batting.

Take your interfacing and one of your fabric squares and lay the square right side up on the interfacing. It doesn't matter which fabric square.

Right side up fabric square.
Take the other fabric square and lay it right side DOWN on the first fabric square so that the right sides are together. I folded the bottom left corner on this picture so you could see the colors of the right and wrong sides and how the right sides are together.

Pin all three layers together, and pin them good because they will shift. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew around you squares. Start about a third of the way down one side, then stop a third of the way down the same side you started on, leaving a 3"-4" opening. Lock your stitches good when you start and stop or else they will get pulled open when you turn the square.

Trim the corners before you turn it. This reduces bulk in the corners. Don't trim to close or you might clip the seam.

Turn it and then press. Fold the fabric around the opening and press it so that it lays the sames as the fabric around it. Pin the opening shut. Either sew the opening closed by hand, or by machine using a matching thread. I used white thread and just stitched around the entire perimeter using an 1/8" seam allowance.

Now is the fun part! You can decorate it! I used a simple zigzag and straight stitch in bright colors around the perimeter. Just don't put much around the corners, as those will be clipped off.

Fold your square in half corner to corner.

Mark 2 inches down from one of the corners by the fold along the outer edge.

Mark 3.5" inches down from the corner along the fold. You can play with both of these measurements to adjust the height and diameter of your bowl.

Draw a line connecting these markings and sew along the line.

Do this to the other corner. Unfold your square and fold again, this time making the other 2 corners touch. Mark and sew the remaining 2 corners just as the first 2.

Clip the corners off. You can use pinking shears or normal fabric scissors for this. I used pinking shears.

Turn your bowl around and press open all 4 of the seams. Your cute little bowl is now complete!

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