Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Quilts of 2015

I made so many quilts this year, I am just going to list a few of my favorites. I didn't even get a chance to write a post featuring each quilt! After searching through all my quilt notebooks and pictures, I counted that I made 32.Here is a list of my favorite quilts from 2015, with links to the post about the quilt if there is one. The quilts are listed in the order they were made.

This was the first quilt I ever designed around a fat quarter bundle, and the first one I ever wrote a PDF pattern for. I think the quilt includes 14 different fat quarters, plus two different beige fabrics for the diamonds and borders.

I designed this quilt to use only three different fabrics on the quilt top and be pieced together efficiently. It is a very easy pattern to alter, and I made two custom quilts that were variations of this pattern.

This quilt I wanted to show off the red and white print fabric without leaving it a whole cloth quilt. I got to learn a fast piecing method when I made it.

The Modern Patchwork
I had no idea what this quilt would look like when I bought the fabrics. I just knew I wanted to make something with this color combination.

It doesn't look like a scrap quilt, but that's exactly what it is. I love how it turned out, and I have made two more no measuring quilts since.

I really want to make another one of these but with bright red flowers. Or dark blue. Or maybe make all the flowers different colors. I can't decide!

Before I made this quilt, I realized I hadn't made a simple on point squares quilt before and I couldn't believe it! I got to work on this one right away after that.

Blue and White Bird Quilt
I had intended for this fabric to be cut up and used in my Blue Stars Quilt. It was too beautiful to cut!

The bird fabric was supposed to alternate with the little blue flower fabric. I think both this quilt, and the bird fabric, look much better the way they are than what they would've looked liked when used the way I intended.

I love how bright this baby quilt is! It has little pops of pink, ivory, green in it that make it look so elegant.

Teal On Point Squares Baby Quilt
This quilt is just like the first on point squares  quilt I made, only with a different color scheme and no white border. I need to make some more quilts with these exact colors, they look great together!

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